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NEW: In mai, june and september you can enjoy a wonderfull hikingweek. (sat-sat) Including a typical Slovak trip to sheepfarm in the hills, where we also taste the products, making Slovak gulaš on the campfire, and a 2-days trip in the beautifull Tatras, including dinner and 1 night stay in a mountainhut. Total price includes stay at campsite in own tent/caravan, € 249,-Please mail us if you  are interested, and we will send you more information. In week 18, 20 and 35,36 this weektrip is organised for a group (max 7 pairs, smal group, international contacts) Reservation needed!

What's there to be seen and experienced in the surroundings? A fotoimpression, because pictures can say more than words: 

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Lots of activities are possible in the surroundings, and on the campsite/farm:

- NEW: GPS-hikes directly from the campsite, Hiking-GPS for rentthuis 2

- Take care of the animals (rabbits, sheep, lambs, cats, dogs, chicken)

- Make a cosy campfire

- Hiking and mountainbiketours directly from the campsite

- 18 holes golgcourse (15km)

- Traditional festivals in the villages, folklore, handcraftswork, Rodeo, Oxwagenraces

- Unesco-cities, wooden churches, castles, manors

- Hiking in the famous Low Tatras, evt. with overnight in mountainhut

- Bake bread or pizza in an traditional wood-heated oventhuis 3

- Swim in the swimmingpond, swimmingpool(15km) or natural water(15km)

- Help us with our farmerswork at farm and campsite:

   -Make marmelade, pickles, fruit/flowerliqueurs

   -Search and dry eatable mushroomsthuis 4

   -Turn and get the hay inside by hand, traditional Slovak summerwork

   -Make champagne, liqueurs and other tasty things out of elderflowers

   -Learn how to use a chainsaw in a safe way

   -Woodcutting for heating in winter

   -Bake Slovak pastrythuis 5

   -Make yoghurt, cheese and other milkproducts

   -Wool handling

   -Help with picking fruit, work in the herbal/vegetable-garden ........

- Volunteer-work: If you like, you can help us (minimum 2 weeks) with all these work. If  you agree to help us for 4-5 hours a day, you can camp for free.thuis 7 Weekend off, and only in the offseason, (so not in July and August)

relax in the hammock

- Hikes in the famous Slovak Paradise (70 km)

- Several caves (15-60 km), such as the famous Icecave Dobšina Ladova Jaskyňa

- Table-tennis/darts/volleyball/socker/footvollyballthuis 8

- Privat wellness, or visit one of the 2 brandnew wellnesscentres (15km)

- Massage/face and bodytreatments (8 km)

- Trip to a salaš, a traditional Slovak sheepfarm in the middle of nature where you can experience the work and life of the schepherds, taste the sheepmilk and - cheese

- Search for mushrooms in the hills behind the campsite, Slovak hobby number onethuis 9

- Canoeing, rafting, on the river Hron

- Bake pancakes, langoš or cook guláš on the campfire

- Horse riding (20 km)

- Ride with a nostalgic train (12 km) to an open air museum in the forest


- Or just relax (one of our specialities......!)

Your own ideas or proposals are also very welcome. Sometimes we accompany our guests to a rodeo, or folklore, or just take the local bus and go to the Slovak pub, in the next village.thuis 10