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Renting a caravan is ideal if you love to camp. Maybe you're travelling by bus-train-plane. Maybe you want to experience what it's like, to spend your holiday in a caravan. Maybe you don’t like to drive long distances with a trailer or caravan behind the car. By renting a caravan the journey certainly will be a few hours shorter, and the petrolconsumption will be less.... good news for the environment and your wallet! And the best thing is, upon arrival you dont have to build up anything .... everything is ready for you ...... you can start relaxing and enjoying the surroundings from the very first moment.

We have 2 nice possibilities for you:

This retro-like caravan (Brand Constructam-Belgium) is suitable for 2-4 persons and is waiting for you on a wonderfull spot! Available from from the first of mai till the first of oktober. It has a practical porch/veranda with wooden terrace and outside camping-kitchen, from which you have a really marvellous view on the surrounding hills and meadows ......

caravan1 1

We thought of it all, the caravan is equiped with all you need to have a great stay for a week or 2. Just pack your personal things and towels (for kitchen and bath), and off you go for a splendid holiday..... The porch makes sure you will have a comfortable and cosy stay. One side can be opened/closed with a roll-system in case of hard wind or rain. The caravan is equiped with free Wi-Fi.

caravan1 2

caravan1 3caravan1 4



Its wonderfull to spend the evenings with a glass of wine on the porch, enjoying the cooking outside; all with a wonderfull view on the surroundings. The outside kitchen is equiped with a authentic 3 burner gasstove and small camping-sink with watersupply. Watercooker, coffeemachine, small refrigerator and several storageboxes for all your groceries. 

caravan1 5a

The caravan is equiped with 2 sittingareas for 4 persons. One of them is (permanently) in use as a bed for 2 persons. The other sittingarea can be converted into a bed for 2 children or 1 adult. The caravan is fully equiped for 4 persons, with dinner-set, cutlery, pots and pans, glassware, etc. Inside and outside possibility to cook: 3 burner stove, and sink with watersupply (tank). For the main bed duvets/pillows and sheets are provided. Please bring sleepingbags and pillows for the kids. Possibility to rent a kwality tent if the kids "want to sleep on their own outside", see below. The caravan is rentable in the high season from saturday (15.00) till saturday (10.00). 

caravan1 7acaravan1 6

In the low season it is possible to rent this caravan for low-season-prices per night (min. stay 2 nights during the week, min. 3 nights in the weekend).

caravan1 8

Already imagine yourself sitting here .... ?     :) 

Second possibility:

This cosy caravan (brand KIP-Holland) is suitable for 2 persons (or 2 persons + small child. There is 1 big bed) and is for rent from the first of mai till the first of oktober. Always situated on another spot on the campsite, but always with marvellous view .......

caravan2 1

The caravan is equiped with 3 burner gascooker, sink with watersupply, small bathroom (no toilet) and refrigerator. Although there is only 1 bed for 2 persons, this caravan is equiped with all you need for cooking/sitting/eating for 4 persons. So by renting an extra tent (not in price), you could stay with 4 persons, see below.

caravan2 2

As you can see, the caravan has an practical full awning, the sides of the tent can be opened and closed as you please. The caravan is equiped with free Wi-Fi.

caravan2 4caravan2 3

Duvets/sheets and pillows for the main bed are available. The caravan is in the high season rentable from saturday (15.00) till saturday (10.00). In the low season it is possible to rent this caravan for low-season-prices per night (min. 2 nights during the week, min. 3 nights in the weekend). 

On the day of departure please leave your caravan or tent "broomed-clean".

For both caravans there is an extra tent available big enough for 2/3 persons. These are high kwality cotton storm-tents, that are spacy and watertight (Brand: De Waard Holland, type "Kleine Burgemeester" and "Zilverplevier"), The tents are equiped with 2 air-mattresses and sheets. (please bring your own sleepingbag and pillow for a stay in these tents). You can also bring your own tent if you like, at normal campingprices (21 euro per week).


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