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The following movie is an impression of the camp’s atmosphere, which shows not only benefaction and relaxation, but also the rapture of the kids whilst being here. Our animals loved to cooperate in the show for you in return for some goodies....
This video was made by Andrea Bartošová, a Slovak woman who’s been living in the Netherlands quite some time now. When she decided to go on holiday to Slovakia, she came to stay with us and liked it so much that she captured this video as a tribute. Needless to say, she added the perfect Slovak music to the video. Enjoy watching it!

Impression of the atmosphere on the campsite -  Andrea Bartošová

Did you manage to record something nice during your stay at our campsite? A nice trip, hike, sight, anything really! Send it to us,  and our son Jordi will make a nice compilation of all the videos sent in at the end of the season, so that everybody can enjoy and experience a holiday at our campsite! 

Video take at the local sheepfarm - a wonderful authentic excursion!